About the Owner

I am so happy you decided to check out the About the Owner page.

My name is Michael Martinez.

My sworn and non-sworn law enforcement journey started in 2001.

South Bay Custom Printing LLC specialize in screen printing, embroidery, banners, posters and much more.

You can read more about South Bay Custom Printing here: www.southbaycustomprinting.com.

I have worked in the apparel industry since about 2009. I represented numerous HUGE licensing companies.

Some of the companies that I represented (and still have access to) had (and still have) the licenses for TV Shows, Movies, Pop Culture, Music and much more.

My territory was Long Beach (Ca.) north to San Luis Obispo (Ca.) and any overseas accounts that I could grab. I also sold to stores in Guam, Spain, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobego.

Currently, SBCP prints for (what was known as) Guns and Hoses Gear, numerous first responder agencies, numerous businesses (including Warner Bros) and schools.

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