GnHG Letter

As we find ourselves towards the end of the first month of 2022, we would like to thank you for being a part of the Guns and Hoses Gear (GnHG) journey.

In 2020 and 2021, GnHG struggled, like many other companies. Supply chains, lack of events and communication were the three major factors, we believe.

First, as with many other businesses, there were major supply chain issues. For GnHG, the lack of inventory of certain t-shirts (and other merchandise) really hurt us.

Second, the lack of in-person events made GnHG take a huge hit - K9 events, law enforcement events and city-sponsored events, to name a few.

Third and most important, communication seems to be a factor as well with giving updates of delays in a timely fashion to getting orders out in a timely fashion.

We could go on and on, however we think that it is best to start fresh and talk about the future.

Unfortunately, Guns and Hoses Gear LLC is no longer a legal entity. Our friends at South Bay Custom Printing LLC (SBCP) have taken over GnHG designs and websites. During this transition, some hiccups occurred, such as order fulfillment and processing.

SBCP staff is reviewing all of the past GnHG orders to make sure orders did not get overlooked.

SBCP is a local custom apparel, sign and decal company and is committed to customer service and community partnerships.  

SBCP will continue to use the GnHG name and website, however all billing (and legal documents) will be from South Bay Custom Printing LLC. We are awaiting approval from the State and County to reuse Guns and Hoses Gear name.

SBCP welcomes any messages regarding any prior order with GnHG.

If there are any issues or concerns with a past order, you can contact us at Please include your GnHG order number, if applicable.

Currently, email is the quickest form of communication as we re-inventory GnHG designs, make changes to the websites and continue the production of orders for our customers.

As an end user, you should not notice much change on the surface but we are diligently working behind the scenes.

One change that SBCP has implemented is that the direct website ( and Etsy are only offering items that are ready to ship. If the item(s) sell out, they will become unavailable. However, some popular items, such as ‘Playground Monitor’, will be available to still purchase once sold out. A notice will appear stating it is sold out but available to still purchase. The notice will advise of approximately how many additional days are needed to produce that particular item.  

On the Etsy site, there is an option to be notified when the item is in stock again.

As we expand, we will be slowly creating/adding to Amazon and eBay. Sold out/unavailable items should not be able to be purchased, however we are testing that still.

The direct GnHG website will have the most up-to-date items. The inventory is pushed from the direct website to Etsy, eBay and Amazon.

You can learn more about us (SBCP) on our website:

In order to make room for new items, we are offering a 20% off code that is valid storewide, on the GnHG website. The code is valid until Saturday, 1/29/22 at 8 PM PST. The code must be entered at checkout. The code is: GNHG2021

We have updated the ‘Sale’ and ‘Last Chance Items’ sections. Be sure to take a look at those sections.

We will be utilizing the GnHG social media to announce restocks, new arrivals and other news, more often.

We also recommend that you follow our main Instagram: @southbaycustomprinting as well.

On behalf of Guns and Hoses Gear we thank you for being a customer and welcome you to the South Bay Custom Printing family! We are excited for what is to come!!!

Michael Martinez - Owner, South Bay Custom Printing LLC