Bulk Terms and Conditions



Artwork is property of Guns and Hoses Gear (South Bay Custom Printing LLC) unless 1) the customer has paid, in full, for the said artwork or 2) if the customer has provided the artwork.

Customer Provided Artwork

Artwork provided by customers must be in hi-res or vector files. (Pictures of items, drawings and screenshots are not art). A charge will be added if GnHG need to modify the artwork.

GnHG is not responsible for misspellings or typos for customer provided artwork. It is the customer’s responsibility to be sure all information is correct prior to sending it to GnHG.

Screens and Films

Screens and films are property of Guns and Hoses Gear.

The cost for ‘Set Up’ is for the printing of the films, rental of the screen and burn of the film to the screen.

Films and screens may be purchased. Please contact Guns and Hoses Gear if you are interested in purchasing the films and/or screens.


The printed apparel shall be deemed property of Guns and Hoses Gear, until the items have been paid in full.

Apparel Colors

There are instances that a brand’s color may slightly differ from one another. We do the best we can to make sure all items are the same shade of color for orders, however it is out of our control if some items in the order differ in shade (not print but actual color of item). This comes from the vendor who supplies the blank item.

Tagging / Relabeling

GnHG reserves the right to re-tag/relabel goods with GnHG tag (at no extra cost).

At times, some pieces may not be tagged/relabeled.

Customer tagging/relabeling may be offered for a fee.


Pricing is dependent on quantity of items, style/color of merchandise, size and the number of colors in the artwork and number of printed locations on the garment.

Be sure to contact GnHG with any questions regarding pricing.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

*(Note: Prices of items may differ if an order is re-ordered at a higher or lower quantity than originally ordered. Prices are for each job with the specific location print, number of colors and number of items.)*

Design Placement (on apparel)

The designs are placed proportionately on the apparel. Locations such as ‘Front Left Chest’, ‘Centered Back’ will be appropriately placed at the desired location. If a customer has specific measurements of where they would like the items to be placed, the measurements must be made known to GnHG prior to approval of production. GnHG will do the best we can to place it in the exact location, however apparel may slightly shrink in the curing process (drying the ink to the apparel).

For the most part, our screen printing process is completed manually - placement may slightly differ from one piece to another, however it should not be noticeable with the ‘naked eye’.

Order Completion

Orders are normally filled within 5-10 business days (unless otherwise advised), after all artwork has been approved and Guns and Hoses Gear has been provided the apparel (by the customer) or Guns and Hoses Gear has been provided with the style(s)/color(s) and quantities of sizes for the particular order. There are times in which orders may be filled sooner, however it should not be expected that jobs will be completed sooner.

Rush orders may be available for extra charge(s).

Bagging and Tagging

We offer bagging (clear plastic re-sealable bag) and tagging (size sticker and item’s name on the exterior of the plastic bag).

The cost of individually bagging and tagging the items will be $0.35.

Bag - $0.15
Size Tag - $0.10
Item’s Name Tag - $0.10


Customers must provide the full and complete following information to Guns and Hoses Gear:

Business Information: Name, Address and Phone Number, Seller’s Permit Number (if applicable)
Contact Person Information: Name, Address (if not a business), E-Mail Address and Phone Number


Payments must be made in full, prior to the initiation of any jobs (unless prior terms have been made).


Physical samples are not normally available or produced. If a physical sample is requested, the price for the sample print and time lost will be added to the invoice.


A customer may request to cancel the job. If an order has been approved, the customer will be charged for the items that were printed prior to cancellation (in full) and for half of the remaining total of the order that was not printed. The set up fees will also be charged.

To cancel a job, the customer must verbally speak with a GnHG representative. Emails, texts and voicemails are not acceptable.

(*Updated 10/10/21)